Research at IMK focuses on how intellectual property law and market law (marketing and competition law) deals with market competition as well as how EU law develops and interacts with Swedish law.

Intellectual property laws give the owner a possibility to exclude others from certain valuable parts of products or services such as technical features, specific product characteristics, forms, or personal and artistic expressions. Market law, with its main components competition law and marketing law, aims to foster healthy competition by regulating limitations on competition and forms of advertisement. The overall goal for the research is to increase understanding of the studied fields of law, and to influence the fields in a positive way. In the long term the research can have an effect on social, technical and financial developments and facilitate cultural renewal.

Researchers at IMK actively participate in collaborations with Nordic and European researchers in the field. The group also interacts with the wider society, businesses, government authorities, and non-profit organisations. Through articles and books researchers contribute to the understanding and development of intellectual property law and market law in Sweden and internationally.