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Uppsala UniversityIMC Faculty of Law

Researchers at IMC

Sanna Wolk

Professor, jur. dr Sanna Wolk

Sanna is currently conducting research on copyright related aspects of e-learning, copyright at public institutions, as well as copyright protection for computer programs. In her PhD dissertation Sanna discussed employees' intellectual property.

Tel: 018-471 20 69
Mobil: 0709-62 62 82

Professor, jur. dr Bengt Domeij

Bengt's work focuses on patent and technology licenses. In his ongoing project Bengt is analysing trade secrets and non-competition clauses in employment agreements. In his Phd dissertation Bengt discussed pharmaceutical patents.

Tel: 018-471 76 92

Jur. dr Vladimir Bastidas Venegas

Vladimir is currently researching the EU competition law framework for state aid and exclusive rights that are granted by EU Member States. In his Phd dissertation Vladimir discussed the implications of competition law for technology transfer agreements.

Tel: 070-259 98 52

Associate Professor Stojan Arnerstål

Stojan is currently working with his PhD project "Trade marks as objects of contracts" (Varumärket som kontraktsföremål”). He is examining the importance and functions of trade marks in contractual relationships.

Tel: 018-471 76 69
Mobil: 0708-99 40 70
Web:Stojan Arnerstål

PhD Researcher, jur. kand. Jon Bergman

Jon's PhD project concerns mergers and acquisitions, in particular those that are driven by the interest to aquire intellectual property rights and how these transactions are analyzed in EU competition law, especially Regulation 139/2004 (EC Merger Regulation). Jon has previously worked as an adjunct judge of the Swedish Court of Patent Appeals.

Mobil: +46 739 52 87 52

PhD Researcher, jur. kand. David Johansson

In his PhD project David is immersing himself in intellectual property law and the law of damages. His project examines sanctions, with a particular focus on compensatory awards resulting from infringement of IP rights.

Mobile: 070-792 62 42


PhD Researcher, jur. mag. Kacper Szkalej

Kacper's PhD project focuses on the interpretation and application of rules of  copyright, competition and consumer protection law in the context of distribution and consumption of digital works, which are protected by technological protection measures (TPMs).

Tel: +46 (0) 18 471 20 40
Also available at:

Visiting researcher, Dr Sang Moon Soak

Sang is a visiting researcher from Korea. He is currently engaged in a comparative project focusing on patent and plant variety protection in Korea and Sweden, in particular the differences in policies and protection systems.




Research assistant, Rhianwen Roberts

Mobile: +46 760 85 23 10



Information about IMCs research projects can be found here.