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Health claims in food marketing

IMC Marketing Law Seminar - 18 May 2016

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18/05/2016 17:00 - 19:00

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Most people wish for a long and healthy life. Modified food that claims to improve your health is a large market as is that of food supplements. Marketing that promise such results received great response, however the promised effect does not always occur. Are substantial rules of marketing needed in this area? Or do they already exist?

The EC Treaty no. 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on food has existed for ten years, despite it not being widely known. In December 2012 a special register of approved health claims was also created according to article 13.1 of the same treaty. Health claims are defined in article 2.2.5 as every claim that states, suggests or implies that the consumption of a food category, a food or one of its constituents significantly reduces a risk factor in the development of a human disease. Health claims that conflict with the treaty are forbidden according to marknadsföringslagen (2008:486).

The Market Court has recently ruled in two important cases on the subject - MD 2016:5 VitaePro and MD 2015:18 Oatly. At the seminar we will discuss what impact these vericts have on marketing of foodstuff and how health claims in marketing should be assessed.

Speakers: advokat Katarina Ladenfors, MarLaw, jur. kand. Omar Baki, Brann, professor Bengt Domeij, IMK vid Uppsala universitet, jur. kand. Gunilla Welander, Reklamombudsmannen och Marknadsdomstolens ordförande Per Carlson

Please join us to be informed and discuss this important and complicated topic with some of the most prominent Swedish experts! The seminar is followed my mingling and opportunities for further discussions.



Sanna Wolk              Stojan Arnerstål
Docent                      Föreståndare IMK, jur. dr


Tid: 18 maj 2016, kl. 17.00-19.00 med efterföljande mingel
Plats: BRANN, Drottninggatan 89 i Stockholm
Deltagaravgift: 800 kr exkl. moms
Anmälan till: Jur. mag. Kacper Szkalej på


IMK utdelar också två stipendier om f.n. 15 000 kr resp. 5 000 kr med stöd av BRANN AB till två studenter som skrivit de bästa immaterialrättsliga eller marknadsrättsliga uppsatserna under det gångna året. Vid seminariet kommer stipendierna att delas ut.