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Prosecution of intellectual property-related offences

IMC Copyright Law Seminar - 13 April 2016

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13/04/2016 17:00 - 19:00

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The criminal liability for infringements on intellectual property rights is a question of topical importance. Especially regarding the fact that the occurence of forgery and pirated material has increased substancially over the last decades. Today, pirated products exist in almost every nation and in all sectors of the global economy. The massive distribution of pirated material constitute an increasing strain on the legitimate intenational market by subjecting businessmen to undue competition, by the loss of national tax revenues and by exposing consumers to dangerous and ineffective products.

During the seminar a number of interesting questions are discussed, such as: What sort of crimes against intellectual property are reported to the police? What are the preconditions required for a prosecution? How often does the plaintiff add private claims to the lawsuit? What are the potential limitations for the right holders in the criminal law?